Our Services

The AWS cloud-focused services that Dread Moon offers include:

  • Design and Implementation of Secure, Cloud-Resident IT Environments
  • DevOps and System Administration
  • SecOps and General IT Security
  • Secure Software Development
  • Incident Response
  • Tier 1 Systems and Application Support
  • Project Management

Design and Implementation of Secure, Cloud-Resident IT Environments

Dread Moon is constantly expanding and refining our suite of IT environment configuration files that we refer to as The Reference Implementation (TRIM). TRIM consists of in-house written code that builds atop well-known system-building tools and security solutions. These form the foundation apon which we build.

The first step in standing up your AWS-resident IT environment is a consultatation with you to identify your requirements. Once identified, we identify the existing base TRIM implementation that most closely meets those requirements and develop a project plan and proposal for implementation.

DevOps and System Administration

Dread Moon’s DevOps personnel can rapidly stand up and maintain your secure AWS cloud environment. When the project requirement’s and plan have been defined, our staff will make any updates to Dread Moon’s TRIM and spin up your IT environment(s). After spin-up, Dread Moon can provide monitoring and maintenance services as needed, or we can hand off those responsibilities to your staff.

SecOps and General IT Security

By contributing to the development of TRIM, Dread Moon’s SecOps staff are always working behind the scenes to provide our customers with the assurance that we provide secure IT environments that meet or exceed industry standards for security and availability. Additionally, our SecOps staff are available to perform security tests and assessments, as well as to help you, as needed, to response to security events.

Secure Software Development

Dread Moon would be happy to discuss with you any software development needs you may have to determine if our staff may be able to assist you with that effort. Many of our team members, including our Panama-based offshore developers, are in US-friendly time zones and have excellent verbal skills, which allows us to be highly responsive during the course of your project.

Incident Response

Dread Moon can provide around-the-clock responsiveness to detected security events that have been assigned specific severity levels, with business hour reviews of lower severity security events. Our IR process includes keeping you notified in accordance with escalation criteria that is tailored to your needs.

Tier 1 Systems and Application Support

Responding to end user issues can be a big drain on many organizations. Many of these issues tend to be simple and repetitive. Dread Moon can provide you with a Tier 1 Response Program that alleviates our customers from the distractions associated with such support requests. If Dread Moon is participating in designing and standing up your IT environment, or in the development of the application being supported, then we may be able to provide higher levels of support as well.

Project Management

Project management comes built into the services that Dread Moon offers our customers. If you have specific needs for project management, we would be happy to discuss those with you.